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The Friends of St. Colmcille’s Committee (FSC) was established in October 2015 to bring parents and teachers together to raise money to support and enable the school to buy facilities or equipment outside the normal (core) school budget and thus advance the education of the pupils.


The committee is currently made up of 12 people, 6 parent representatives and 4 school representatives:



Mr Michael Sheppard                         Chairperson (Parent)

Mrs Lauranne Smyth                          Vice Chairperson (Parent)


Mrs Carole Stapleton                          Secretary (Parent)


Mr Norman McPhillips                       Treasurer (Teacher)

Mrs Victoria Polly                                Trustee (Teacher)


Miss Marie McElroy                             Trustee (Teacher)

Mrs Paula Kirk                                      Trustee (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Shauneen Irvine                           Trustee (Parent)


Mrs Sharon Sheppard                         Trustee (Parent)

Mrs Clare Hanna                                  Trustee (Parent)

Some of the items purchased by the Friends of St. Colmcille's 

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