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Dear Parents/Carers

I would like to take this opportunity to write to you to introduce myself as the newly appointed Principal of St Colmcille’s High School.  I have previous experience as a Principal and as a Senior Education Advisor with CCMS.

I am the parent of three children and as a parent I understand the expectations and aspirations that we have for all of our children.  From the moment they were born, we have dreamed dreams for them and have wanted them to be happy, secure and with a future full of possibilities. I want all our pupils to be ambitious for their future and to reach their full potential. I want them to believe in themselves and to know that when they enter our school doors that we will expect great things from them. The four words that greeted me within the school’s motto, when I first entered the school were “Caring, Learning. Believing, Achieving”; these words sum up all that we strive towards within this school.   The ethos and vision of our school asks us to ensure that the education we provide meets the individual needs of all our pupils.  The Pastoral and Academic needs of our pupils will always be the centre point of all the decisions that we will make.

I acknowledge that my role within the school is a very privileged one and my focus will be to ensure that this year ahead will be one of growth for our entire school community.  It is my intention to work with all to ensure that our pupils have the widest opportunities to learn and to grow.  This year we will work hard together and we will celebrate together, to ensure this growth.

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Within the school we will provide an outstanding Pastoral Care system where ‘Every child matters’ and all staff promote our policy of making pupils aware of their ‘own dignity and personal qualities.’ Each member of our school staff are the advocate for our pupils and will support them in their learning and personal development. The Spiritual dimension of St Colmcille’s is aided by the help of our school chaplain. We have a strong Catholic ethos which manifests itself in many ways, not least the incredible generosity of our pupils when focused on the needs of those, in need.  As a school, we will strongly promote a culture of respect with the pupils; for themselves, each other, with staff, property and the environment.  We believe that they carry this with them in all aspects of their lives. This generosity of spirit is of course, characterised by our wider school community.

The continued success of St Colmcille’s High School has been built upon close relationships with our parents. It is only through working together that we can ensure that our pupils reach their full potential and the aspirations that we share. This vital partnership with you, our parents, characterises the strength of our school.

We acknowledge the confidence and trust that you place upon the school and I look forward to this academic year ahead, working in close partnership with each of you.

Seamus Hanna


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