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Why Choose Catholic Education



In Catholic Schools the person & message of Christ find expression in:


  • Communities of Faith, Service, Prayer and Worship.
  • The development of each person’s full potential in a climate of joy, freedom, respect, challenge, co-operation and celebration.
  • The enrichment of pupil life-intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, social and emotional.
  • The promotion of a spirit of charity, social justice, global awareness and concern for others leading to practical outreach and partnerships.
  • A culture of tolerance where people of diverse identities are recognised, welcomed, respected and cherished.
  • Listening, mutual understanding, trust, reconciliation, healing and peace.
  • The preparation of pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives which will contribute to the Common Good.


To download a copy of the Pastoral Policy, click on the link below

Pastoral Policy reader.gif

To download a copy of the Child Protection Policy, click on the link below

Child Protection Policy 2016  reader.gif

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it from


Designated Child Protection Officer - Mr D McVeigh

Deputy Child Protection Officer - Mr S McNeill

In St Colmcille’s we aim to maintain a happy and secure environment where all pupils feel that they are respected and are able to learn well. All members of staff are aware of the contribution they make in supporting pupils and guiding them towards achievement. They work particularly hard at maintaining mutually friendly and respectful relationships with pupils and at encouraging self-esteem and self-confidence.


Our school has a positive atmosphere where everyone feels respected, liked, safe and happy; enabling a young person to feel secure enough to respect the feelings of others and behave well. We endeavour to develop young people’s self-esteem and feel strongly that the rights of all members of the school community should be respected. We believe that each young person has the right to optimum opportunity to learn, to be secure and to be happy. Young people have the right to expect that they will not be prevented for learning by the disruptive behaviour of others. Everyone has the right to be treated with courtesy and consideration.


The underlying philosophy of the school focuses on the promotion of self-esteem and the three R’s of Respect, Responsibility and Relationships.


This is an extract from our full Pastoral Policy which can be provided on request to any parent.

There are other important school matters to be drawn to your attention:


(1)  School Uniform


  THERE ARE SOME IMPORTANT CHANGES. Please see separate booklet.


(2) Mobile Phones:  Pupils must have completed a form entitled ’Application

for Permission to Bring a Mobile Phone to School’, before they can bring a

mobile phone into school. 


 (4) The wearing of make-up, fake tan, nail polish, and unnatural hair colours is forbidden.  Pupils are not allowed to have emblems or designs cut into their hair.


(5) School Meals:  The school canteen operates a cashless catering system. 

If you require information about claiming free school meals, please contact the main office.


(6)Text Books/Class Novels:  If pupils have not returned text books belonging to school, apart from year 11 GCSE books we would appreciate their return to school as soon as possible.


(7) Medical and Dental appointments:   We are concerned about the amount of time that is used for these.  Whilst understanding that some appointments are unavoidable during school hours, we would appreciate it if appointments could be made if possible, outside school hours.  A lot of hours of education are lost for pupils who leave school for the above reason.  To assist with the making of appointments we have included our school holiday list.


(8) Parental Contact:  If a pupil has to leave school early for medical appointments etc. the pupil MUST have a note stating the reason and be collected from the office by parents where they are signed out.  If for some reason a parent cannot collect their child (in person) they must state in writing who is collecting them and/or how they are getting home. A phone call is not acceptable.  Parents should not ring the office asking for a message to be passed to their child as this is in breach of our Child Protection Policy.  Please ensure the school has up to date records regarding your telephone number and emergency contacts.


(9) Pupils ill during school:  If a pupil has to be sent home ill, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. It is vital that you include a person who has easy access to transport in your emergency contacts. If parent/nominated contact cannot collect the sick child, we will have to use a taxi and bill parents for this.  Pupils under no circumstances will be allowed to walk home without written permission.


(10) Change of Medical Needs:  As a school we keep a confidential register of medical needs and we would appreciate you updating us of any changes.


(11) If your child is taking any medication this includes temporary use of antibiotics/pain killers, the medication must be given to Mrs R Mulholland (Named Person), Room 4 at registration accompanied by a letter from the parent stating information about dosage etc and a note from the family doctor confirming this.


(12) After School Detention:  If a pupil is given an after-school detention, the parent/guardian will always be informed of this in advance by letter with at least 24 hours notice.  This is a school sanction which must take place.


Detention operates between 3.25pm - 4.10pm, Monday - Friday.  


(13) Child Protection: With regards to Child Protection, an issue which we take very seriously, a copy of the Child Protection Policy is on our website.  If you wish to avail of a written copy, please contact the school office.







  1. Pupils should arrive in school no later than 9.10 am. Registration or assembly begins at 9.15 and lasts until 9.25am. If pupils arrive after registration, then they must report immediately to the school office and sign the late book.
  2. During the school day, pupils may not leave the premises unless they have written permission from their parent/guardian.  This must be approved by the form teacher and Head of Year/Deputy Principal/Principal.
  3. Absence from school must be explained by a note written by a parent/guardian and presented to the form teacher on the pupil’s return to school. The EWO retains these notes for further scrutiny.
  4. At the end of the school day, pupils who get buses, must go directly to their bus rooms. To ensure safe departure from school, pupils who board school buses, must not leave the building, until the duty teacher gives permission.




  1. Good manners and good behaviour are expected at all times.  Inappropriate language is unacceptable at any time.
  2. Pupils must keep to the left when moving around the school corridors. Running, whistling, shouting and inappropriate behaviour are not acceptable. There should be no eating or drinking in the corridors.
  3. Gum chewing, smoking, the use of tippex, other solvents and all illegal substances are strictly forbidden.
  4. Pupils may not sit on boundary walls nor climb onto any part of the school building. They should not play near vehicles at break and lunch times. This means that pupils should not be at the front of the school at these times.
  5. Food or drink, apart from bottled water should not be removed from the canteen.  There should be no eating or drinking (except water) in class.
  6. High caffeine or high energy content drinks are banned and will be confiscated if found.
  7. Pupils are not permitted to listen to music via their headphones in class.




  1. Pupils are required to wear school uniform correctly. Shirts should be tucked in with the top button fastened. Girls’ skirts must finish below the knee. Girls should wear plain black tights or knee length bottle green socks during summer term.  Ties should be worn neatly and appropriately. Emblems should not be worn on school uniforms or drawn on school bags/books. Blazers must be worn at assembly, during registration, and when leaving school.
  2. On entering the school building, outdoor clothing/make-up/nail polish should be removed in the cloakroom area before moving up the corridor or going to registration.
  3. Apart from official items of schoolwear, sports tops, leisure wear, casual clothing and football scarves are not permitted in school.
  4. Jewellery is restricted to a wrist watch. No earrings or piercings at anytime. This applies to boys and girls.
  5. Make up, fake tan and nail polish and unnatural hair colours are completely forbidden (see paragraph 4, above) .
  6. Pupils are not permitted to carry cartons or bottles in their blazer, trousers or skirt pockets.




  1. Mobile phones must not be brought into school unless the appropriate form has been completed. They must be switched off in school. If a pupil is found using a mobile phone in any way, then it will be taken from them. If pupils are discovered using the mobile phone inappropriately, or if pupils are found using the phone on more than one occasion, parents or guardians will be contacted and sanctions imposed. Camera mobile phones are forbidden for Child Protection reasons.
  2. Valuable articles, such as personal electronic entertainment systems, are not allowed in school.




   20.Permission to use the school telephone must be obtained from a teacher


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